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DR.Fadhil A. Rizij

Background: Obesity associated with high risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes due to impairment in glucose and lipid metabolism as well as low grade inflammatory response. Hypothalamic hypodopaminergic state is observed in obese subject. Accordingly, treatment with Bromocriptine, a centrally acting dopamine D2-receptor agonist, was reported to regulate food intake and improve insulin sensitive and glucose tolerance in obese subject.


Anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative and Athero-protective effects of irbesartan in rabbits with atherogenic diet
Atherosclerosis is the main cause of mortality and morbidity in the most developing countries (1). It is the common cause of peripheral artery disease, strokes and heart attacks.It is a complex process, and it is maybe caused via sedentary life style and high-fat diet (2). is One of the most important risk factors for cardiovascular disorders and atherosclerosis is Hypercholesterolemia. Atherosclerosis is a progressive functional and structural vascular disorder that initiates cellular and molecular episode triggered via endothelial dysfunction, leading to reduced nitric oxide production, raised production of endothelin-1 [ET-1] and activity of cyclooxgenase and inflammation(3). Atherosclerosis incidence is 3–4 times larger in diabetics than non-diabetics patients at equivalent plasma total cholesterol levels (4) .
Angiotensin II through its type1 receptor promotes endothelial dysfunction, stimulates the oxidation of plasma lipoproteins and encourages inflammation in atherosclerotic plaques(5,6). As the dysfunction of endothelium signify the initiation of atherosclerosis, enhanced inflammation supports the growth of weak plaques, and reactive oxygen species exert destructive effects such as the instruction of the apoptosis of smooth

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