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The First International Conference on Pharmaceutical Sciences

Since the advent of pharmaceutical science, there has been a tremendous growth in this field. Many novel drugs and products have been discovered and introduced into the market based on new researches and innovations in the field of pharmaceutical sciences. It’s our great honour to organise the first International Conference on Pharmaceutical Sciences (ICPS) which will be held in the Faculty of Pharmacy, Kufa University, Kufa, Al-Najaf, Iraq on April 2019.

The conference will bring academicians, postdocs and students from pharmaceutical sciences and related fields together and is believed to be an excellent setting to meet colleagues, discuss the current progress in the development of novel drugs, share the latest updates in the field of clinical pharmacy and pharmaceutical care systems. Moreover, recent advances, challenges, and breakthroughs as well as emerging and future trends of the converging fields and subfields of pharmacy sciences and medicine will be discussed.

Worldwide leaders in various aspects of pharmaceuticals sciences from Europe and the United States of America are invited to the conference and they will share their recent innovations in the respective field with all attendees. Moreover, the conference will provide a unique opportunity to engage in scientific collaboration with many universities in developed countries.

High scientific level sessions will be organised as plenary lectures, posters as well as interactive workshops in various fields. The following themes will be covered in this conference:

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

·        Interfacing of chemical biology and drug discovery

·        Novel aspects in pharmaceutical chemistry

·        Drug discovery and development

·        Revolution of computational chemistry in drug design

·        Quantitative structure activity relationships

Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology

·        Novel drug delivery systems

·        Nanopore sequencing

·        Nanomaterials toxicity and immunogenicity

·        Targeting delivery system

Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice

·        Clinical pharmacist role to improve treatment’s outcome

·        Pharmacoepidemiology and rational drug use

·        Clinical use of drug

·        Therapeutic drug monitoring

·        Community pharmacy

Pharmacology and Toxicology

·        Molecular pharmacology

·        Clinical pharmacology

·        Drug metabolism

·        Reverse pharmacology

In addition, the following workshops will run in parallel too:

Improving academic writing skills

Experimental design and statistics

Writing proposals and grant applications

General Chair

Professor Muhsin Aldhalmi

Chancellor of University of Kufa

Scientific Committee

Asst. Prof. Ayad Ali Ameen, University of Kufa, Iraq

Prof. Ezdihar A. Hassoun, University of Toledo, USA

Prof. Carsten Ehrhardt, Trinty College Dublin, Ireland

Dr. Ozlem Akbal Dagistan, University of Istanbul, Turkey

Dr. Caoimhe Clerkin, Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland

Prof. Noori yousif Al- Alanqushi, University of Kufa, Iraq

Prof. Falah Shareef Al-Khafaji, University of Kufa, Iraq

Asst. Prof. Fadhil A. Rizij, University of Kufa, Iraq

Asst. Prof. Ihsan Salah Rabeea, University of Kufa, Iraq

Asst. Prof. Noor H. Al-Dabagh, University of Kufa, Iraq

Dr. Sarmad Al-Edresi, University of Kufa, Iraq

Organising committee

Asst. Prof. Aymen Abdul-Rasool Al-Kassam

Prof. Rajaa Ali Hussein

Asst. Prof. Hayder Chaseb Allami

Asst. Prof. Ahmed Jalal Mohammed AL-Bayati

Asst. Prof. Abbas Mohammed Selman

Dr. Qabas Neamah Hadi Al-Najjar

Dr. Sahar Aqeel Hussein Al-aasam

Dr. Israa Abduljabbar Jaloob Aljanaby

Mr. Haider Nori Raheem AL-Shukri

Mrs. Suaad Treje Zamil Al-Akele

Mrs. Suhad Treje Zamil Al-Akele

Mr. Zaid mohammed ali yousif fakhardeen

Mr. Ismael Saad Abed Karakosh

Protocol and Reception Committee

Asst. Prof. Qayssar J. Fadheel,

Asst. Prof. Adnan K. AL-Salami

Dr. Eman Th. Nadheef

Mr. Ammar A. Alibeg

Mrs. Yasmien A. Al-Abudi

Mrs. Inas F. Al-Dabbagh

Abstract Submission Information

The abstracts should not exceed one page, the text of the abstract in Arial, font size 12 point and it should be divided into sections of background, methods, results and conclusions.  Maximum of 2 references might be included in the abstract.

The deadline for abstract submission is March, 1st 2019.

Please send your abstract to: [email protected]

Authors will be notified for the status of their abstract acceptance (whether an oral or poster presentation) by the end of March 2019.

Posters should be printed in A0 portrait format, i.e. 120 cm x 90 cm (height x width).

For further queries please do not hesitate to contact us on: [email protected]

or call: +964-772-560-9919


Fees of registration

Fees of presentation (oral or poster) is 75K Iraqi dinar.

Fees of attendance is 50K Iraqi dinar.

Payment must be arranged in advance by the first of Aril, 2019 on:

[email protected]

The registration fee includes:

Access to the scientific programme, poster exhibition area and the conference proceedings.


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