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The Faculty Council is the representative organization of the Pharmacy Faculty to the University Administration and to the public at large.

To guard its effectiveness, Council traditionally approaches issues from a campus perspective.


Disclaimer: This is just a description. Council duties are not limited to just these noted below, but might include some additional duties as appropriate to Faculty Councils.

The Faculty Council, subject to review by the General Faculty, shall exercise the powers vested in the General Faculty except for establishment of rules of membership and procedure for itself; structure and legislative powers of the Faculty Council; and action on recommendations of the General university Rules and MOHE Rules. Specifically, it shall have authority to consider the following:

-       All matters of educational policy. Except for those matters that are specifically delegated to the General university rules and recommendations , the Council shall establish the necessary procedures for enlisting the aid of the faculty in developing educational policies for the entire University.

-       Regulations dealing with student activities.

-       Approval of degree candidates.

-       Reports of special and standing committees, including the committees of the General Faculty .

-       The Council shall have the authority to conduct studies and inquiries, to initiate legislation, and to act upon any recommendations made to it by a faculty deanship , by a committee of the Faculty Council, or by a qualified petitioning group of the faculty.



Dean, Faculty of pharmacy

Professor Dr.Shakir Shnawa Saleh


Administrative Assistant to the Dean

 Dr. Aymen A. Jawad


Scientific Assistant to the Dean 

Pharm Dr. Ahsan F. Hassan


Chief of, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Assistant professor Dr. Falah S. Suhail


Chief of, Department of pharmacology and Toxicology

Professor Dr. Yahya K. Al-sultani


Chief of, Department of pharmaceutics and industrial pharmacy

Pharm Dr. Ayad A. Al- Ameen


Chief of, Department of Clinical laboratory sciences

Dr. Adnan K. Alsalamy


Chief of, Department of Pharmacognosy and Medicinal plant

Professor Dr. Noori Y. Alankoshi

Clinical Pharmacy Dept.

Dr. Hyder Jasib 

Secretary of the faculty Committee

Assist prof. Hassan A. Juda


Lecturers representative

Prof. Dr. Noori Y. Alankoshi

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