Dean’s Word


Dean’s Welcome
Faculty of Pharmacy and on behalf of the University of Kufa are pleased to welcomes you and take you a tour accompanied by the this guide about professors and landmark of Faculty of Pharmacy as departments, classroom and laboratories hoping that shows a clearimagination of our college.
As you know, the profession of pharmacy is complex and highly developed and the pharmacist has become an integral part of the medical team entrusted with the care of the patient as one of the evidence and developments in the profession in recent decades especially with regard to the concept of pharmaceutical care and practice, allowing new avenues for the profession and the roles played by the pharmacist.Therefore, we find ourselves in the Faculty of Pharmacy in front of these major challenges that require rapid expansion to keep pace with this development.
    The number of lecturers who have doctorate degree and scientific titles have been increased and some of them are sent to pharmacy college in prestigious universities around the world. Also, updated methods of lecturing and use of the latest display devices are applied. This development coincided with a major upgrading in the curriculum that keeps up with the development in pharmaceutical education level byacademic, comprehensive and scientific review of curriculum to accommodate the greatest developmentin Pharmaceutical Sciences reached andso bridging the gap between education and professional practice. On the other hand, new laboratories and classrooms have been opened and equipped to allow psychologically comfortable media for lectures.
Finally, we promise Allah to work hard and do everything in our power to serve our students and to pave roads and provide opportunities to our dear sons of teaching and learning, training and achieve the target of Pharmacy Bachelor program outputs.
Thank you
Best regards
Dean Dr. Ayad Ali Hussein

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