Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry


The department vision includes the teaching of chemistry associated with pharmaceuticals and research that provide students with information and knowledge in order to become skilled pharmacists in the community.



The mission of Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry is to teach the science of chemistry and its relationship with pharmaceutical and conduct researchs, as well as keep pace with the development in order to increase student information in the field of their specialty ... As well as continue to develop the students and faculty members and increase their skills in order to become of the leader in the field of pharmacy.





The department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Teaches different branches of chemistry that includes the basics of chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry and synthesis of pharmaceutical compounds.

Branches of chemistry include: analytical chemistry and organic chemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry and biochemistry and clinical biochemistry and pharmaceutical analysis developed.


Welcome From the Chief of Department

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department is one of the five Departments of the Faculty of Pharmacy and section includes a number of faculty members with competence in basic science related to pharmaceuticals as well as a number of pharmacists in the specialization of pharmaceutical chemistry, biochemistry and clinical chemistry.

The goal of the department is to build a generation of students able to keep up with the development and conduct research in the field of pharmacy for community service.

Welcome to our website wish to you finds helpful information about us. 

Assistant.Prof.Dr. Falah S. Suhail

Chief of Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

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