Activity College of Pharmacy during the current academic year (2012-2013) :

1 - embrace our college for the session hosted by Dr. destruction of one of the American universities and the central hall at the college and has been creating the appropriate atmosphere in the central hall to complete the session.
2 - Follow-up work is done to remove all the furniture and electrical appliances from the entrances and corridors and under the stairs in college.
3 - Follow-up campaign to clean up the entrances and Yards college and on an ongoing basis with coordination with the Office of the Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs at the college.

4 - Follow-up cleanliness and order of the laboratories and the devices that .

5 - equipped service staff at the college bags with waste processing service workers, materials and disinfectants and sterilants .
6 - equipped college after follow-up of the Division of quality and performance in which the university bought containers of waste and coordinating colors for each branch of a certain color .

7 - was lifted cut aluminum with a cut fiber from the vicinity of examination committee .
8 - have been repaired and cleaned laundries nearby health of the central hall .
9 - Follow-up cleanliness student club by the Division of Quality periodically .
10 - Follow-up cleaning the chapel of women and men with the lifting of furniture found it invalid .
11 - Follow-up cleaning sinks for most of the branches in the college periodically .
12 - have been cleaning and arranging follow-up and raise some clips and plantings from the scene near College Square garage refrigerators .
13 - Follow-up deficiencies in the maintenance room and the people in them .

14 - Development and worked for a private billboard Division of quality and performance in the college campus is spread all the activities and the work done and follow-up by the Division.
15 - Allocation of a paragraph within the proposals submitted by the Division of Quality in college development and implementation of paragraph excellence within all branches of the people and outstanding under the supervision of Jean- direct by Mr. Dean and inform the esteemed names in the bulletin board of the Division of quality for each month.
16 - was directed wrote Acknowledgement by Mr. Dean's Distinguished Gentleman staff at the college who were followed up achievements they have made in college by the Division of Quality .
17 - within the proposals Division quality of this year's Created a scientific journal general cultural issues from the Faculty of Pharmacy, a private Division of the quality and performance of university headed by editing Mr. Dean Esquire and Scientific Committee , headed by Dr. Mohammed inside stirrup Associate Dean for Scientific Affairs and the Division of Quality and university performance and a number of officials, divisions and units in college.

18 - were followed up and completion needs of people with special needs from the corridors and the parking lot and customize their own bathrooms , an elevator and to the fact that the building of several floors .

19 - Activity of the total blood donation campaign held near the Central Library of the University.
20 - Distribution of armor and honoring the top students in our college .
21 - Establish training sessions by some of the teachers in the college .
22 - holding lectures seminars in all branches of our college .
23 - embrace our college for permanent book fair in the library of the college.
24 - an exhibition of seaweed by our college students and in the presence of the President of the esteemed university .
25 - The establishment of a pharmacy and an exhibition of drugs by college students and under the supervision of Dean of the College .
26 - the establishment of the cultural week in our college league .

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