dr.Ahmed Alcharakh....A correlation between type I Diabetes Mellitus and increased risk of cancer

Kufa University/ Pharmacy Faculty                                                    March/ 2016                        Clinical Pharmacy Department


A correlation between type I Diabetes Mellitus and increased risk of cancer:

 By Ahmed Alcharakh, Trainee Pharmacist, Clinical Pharmacy Department, Kufa University.

 A new study suggests that the rate of cancer may be increased in patients with type 1 diabetes.

The multinational study states that more than 9000 patients out of 1 million who are newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes are suffering from different kinds of cancers. 

 According to the study the risk of cancer is more than 2 times higher in patients who are diagnosed within the first year amid results showing that sex doesn't matter in regard to the increased risks.

 The lead author Bendix Castensen MSc, steno diabetes center, Gentofte, Denmark and a shareholder in Novo Nordisk©, mentioned and I rephrase that the type of cancer are elevated among type 1 diabetes mellitus may be very much the same as those affecting people with type 2 diabetes mellitus according to another study.

 The study that has been conducted over different countries all over the world including Australia and Denmark and took data from the years of (1971- 2012).

It has been published in the Diabetologia, February 29 took the age group between 40- 60 years old patients with median age of 51.1 years among the 9149 participants.

 The overall hazard ratio (HR) for patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus those who may develop cancer in comparison to the general population was 1.01 and 1.07 for male and female respectively and by excluding the gender specific cancer the hazard ratio (HR) became 1.19 and 1.17 for male and female respectively.

 A closer look at the study demonstrates that these numbers are more like surveillance study than of it is biology-based and the effect of type 1 diabetes mellitus may or may not really affect on the patient susceptibility to cancer.

 As a general opinion those with type 1 diabetes mellitus can manipulate the modifiable risk factors in order to decrease the odds of getting cancer.

This study has been sponsored by Novo Nordisk© pharmaceutical company.






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