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Department of Clinical Pharmacy

To be pioneer, innovative and creative in the field of pharmacy practice, education, research, and the public services with strong social commitment.
• Prepares and qualifies distinguished pharmacist to play a significant and vital role in the field of social services, therapeutic, and health care.
• Prepare highly qualified graduates capable of applying the pharmacy practice in accordance to global standards.
• Conducts innovative research and scientific studies in basic and applied pharmaceutical sciences.
• Provides services to the community with the participation of professional health care.
Preparing clinical pharmacists capable of:
• Understanding the disease condition and selecting the appropriate drug treatment.
• Understanding the basic cores of starting the treatment, continuing it, modifying it, or stopping it.
• Understanding the basics of drug kinetics adequately so as to improve the therapeutic plan of each individual disease condition.
• Effective communication with medical team members and patients.
• Have the ability to explain the necessary information about drugs using the well-recognized medical and pharmaceutical sources.
• Constructing a medical database through direct contact with patients and reading their medical profiles and discussing the disease condition with the other medical team members.
• Adapting an interactive and dynamic team work environment that fosters communication and promotes developments.
• Recognizing functional responsibility toward patients and medical team members.
• Practicing different pharmacy careers in governmental and private hospitals, community pharmacies, and pharmaceutical companies.
Head of Depart.
Head of Department speech
Welcome to the Department of clinical pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy, Kufa University at Al-Najaf al-Ashraf; one of the premier institutions of pharmacy education and research in Iraq.
Our department (Clinical pharmacy) is a national leader in pharmacy education, with a curriculum designed to prepare pharmacy graduates for lifelong learning and leadership capabilities as drug therapy managers in the healthcare system. The pharmacist of the 21st century has significant responsibility for managing drug therapy, counseling patients on proper use of medications, and monitoring drug therapy outcomes. Here, you will find a distinguished and talented department engaged in cutting edge research.
I invite you to browse through our web and to place between your hand all the required information about the department activities. We hope you will find this information is valuable for you.
For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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