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Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology

Ambition of our college to be a leader in the market of the high education in the region through the creation of a graduate enjoys pharmacological qualities expert who can advise pharmaceutical science and medicine.
Our message focused to know the mechanisms of the effect of the drug and some of the products with the physiological activity on cells and living organisms.
1- Preparing and rehabilitation of pharmacologists for different pharmacological specializations.
2- Spread of the culture of correct use of the drug in the society through the establishment of seminars and issuing bulletins showing the risk of non – scientific use of the drug.
3- Developing the level of scientific research and the development of laboratories for scientific research with the continued development of the levels of faculty members and technics at the college through continuing education programs and providing opportunities to travel and see the modern teaching methods developed at universities.
Chairman word Preface
The task incumbent upon me pharmacist gain prestige and that of services venerable provided by the branch of medicine and toxins from the disciplines that are working to create a staff pharmacists with high efficiency through our quest to maintain leadership in the fields of scientific research, education service the College and University as well as serve the community. It also extends the cooperation to include the rest of the branches of the College and the rest institutions.
Specialized branch of medicine and toxicology teach the subjects of drugs and toxins such as science of the main principles are the same as using the same methods and experimental approaches reach for answers concerning a wide range of health and medical questions alike.
Includes a Section on the (20) teaching including (4) PhD holders and (16) holders of the master’s and PhD students in them. Are taught a number of lessons, including basic and earmarking them for the stage of the first to fifth

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