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Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Pharmaceutical chemistry is a branch of the main branches of the Faculty of Pharmacy, which is part of the educational process in the college system, which seeks through courses taught by the branch to the rehabilitation of all students in the effective pharmacy care to participate and work in various areas of the profession of the other pharmacy. Also looking to understand the chemical composition of the drug and how its evolution through a chemical change totals and the impact on the effectiveness and toxicity and mechanical medicine. The branch will also stress the importance of the source of drugs through the definition of the chemical composition and effectiveness in the area of the body including highlights methods for preparation, manufacturing and innovation and improve medicine laboratory. This area focuses on drug design is based on using the latest molecular modelling programs and the transfer of technology from the design labs.
Mission of department:
The department is responsible for teaching the core courses in analytical chemistry, organic chemistry and prodrugs as well as practical courses pharmaceutical chemistry and the design and development of the drug and control drug. As well as it works to achieve its vision by providing students with a comprehensive knowledge in the field of basic chemistry and applied chemistry and pharmaceutical (drug), which qualifies them to design and develop drugs and to develop new methods for the analysis of the drug, following the best modern teaching methods .The section teaches the basics of some branches of chemistry before start teaching pharmaceutical chemistry (pharmaceutical) which apply in the synthesis and analysis of the drug. And so out of that success is to understand how the drug and distribute it among the various organs of the body and the development of different methods of analysis requires scientific understanding of the fundamentals of organic, physical and analytical chemistry. The section also paid special attention to clarify the relationship between the molecular structure of the drug and both the dynamics and Denote in the body and influence biological and methods of analysis. Also it considered the basic chemical principles to learn the design and development of the drug either by traditional methods or with the help of computer software (computational chemistry).
The educational philosophy of the branch is to teach different decisions to cover multiple areas in which the branch is seeking to become familiar with them. Education is based in the section on the latest scientific achievements in the field of pharmaceutical sciences. And the p-run taught is part of the educational system in the study plan for the rehabilitation of the college students to gain Pharm.D certificate and Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences.
Aims of the department :


Department aims are:
1. Identification of the essential features of some branches of Chemical Sciences, which includes physical and analytical chemistry, and organic and inorganic pharmaceutical chemistry.
2. The application of these fundamental to understand the relationship between molecular structure and dynamics of the drug and the dynamics and impact of biological knowledge.
3. The application of that knowledge in the design and development of the drug.
4. Rehabilitation students to accommodate the modern techniques used to analyze the drug.
5. Qualifying students to accommodate the modern techniques used in the design and development of the medicine, such as the use of aggregate chemistry and computer software (computational chemistry) for the design of the chemistry drug.

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