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Our vision and mission

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From bright medical history and rich tradition, University of KUFA Faculty of pharmacy made serious steps to become a national leader in pharmacy education, research, and service in the pharmaceutical, social, and clinical sciences.
With a curriculum designed to prepare pharmacy graduates for lifelong learning and leadership capabilities as drug therapy managers in the nation’s healthcare system.
All of our programs are driven by our mission to Preparation of skilled pharmaceutical staff capable of delivering the best quality of pharmaceutical and medical services and keep abreast with scientific developments.
We welcome you and invite you to peruse our website or contact us to further information about the University of KUFA Faculty of pharmacy.

Vision Statement
The faculty of Pharmacyuniversity of kufa, is a learning educational institution aims through its scientific branches to prepare efficient pharmacist capable to promote top medical and pharmaceutical services and able to keep in touch with scientific developments
Mission Statement
The mission of faculty of Pharmacyuniversity of kufa, obtained from emerging social need for national professional pharmacists who work in partnership with other health professionals to provide accessible, compassionate, and integrative pharmaceutical care, in order to enhance the quality of life through improved healthcare.
Therefore, the faculty is solicitous to occupy a distinctive position among international specialized pharmacy institutions and convoy modern international trends in activating the role played by pharmacists in health, medical care and drug industry
Guiding Principles
• Professionalism:
– Training well-qualified pharmacists who are able to present best pharmaceutical services in different specializations for all society classes.
– Developing level of scientific research in the pharmaceutical fields and emphasizing importance of applied researches
– Providing medical industry with pharmaceutical staffs specialized in this field.
– Continuously developing levels of teaching staff members in the faculty through training in scientific programs and giving the opportunity to keep in touch with modern teaching methods applied in the advanced international institutions.
• Community:
– Spreading culture of wise use of drugs in society through holding symposiums or issuing bulletins that explain dangers non- scientific use of drugs.
Adopt an environment of civility and mutual respect by spreading a sense of community and caring among faculty, staff, students and trainees.
Collaboration: always looking for effective partnerships both inside and outside the faculty and the University to achieve excellenteducational capability, researches and practices, either locally or globally