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Our vision and mission

The Vision and Goals

The College of Pharmacy is an educational institution that aims, through the activities of its scientific branches, to prepare competent pharmaceutical staff capable of providing the highest levels of pharmaceutical and medical services and keeping up to date with scientific developments.


The Message

Based on the need to prepare a distinguished national staff of pharmacists and aware of the pioneering role that the college must play in serving society, the college is attentive to occupy a distinguished place in the modern fields and specializations in pharmacy and to keep up to date with modern global trends in activating the role of the pharmacist in health and therapeutic care and the industry of medicine.




·         Preparing proficient pharmacists capable of providing the best pharmaceutical services in its various specialties and to all parts of society, and spreading the concept of correct use of medicine in society by holding seminars and issuing brochures that show the dangers of unscientific use of medicine.

·         Supplying the pharmaceutical industry with specialized staff in this field.

·         Developing the level of scientific research in the fields of pharmaceutical sciences and emphasis on applied research projects.

·         Continuous development of the levels of faculty members and technicians through continuing education programs. And providing the opportunities to travel and learn about modern teaching methods in advanced universities.